Suyin Aerts
January 30, 2020

911…a Legend..

I had the pleasure to visit the Museum and Factory of Porsche in Zuffenhausen as I was invited by #porschebelgium last Wednesday for to the launch of the limited 911 Belgian Legend Edition made with Jacky Ickx.

It was amazing to see what a tailor made & handmade car the iconic "911" is. And how much passion you can sense in everyone working in the company, from the CEO, over the tour guide to every single one in the line of production. A real human company. When I was reading the quotes in the offices "Beauty becomes even more beautiful when it follow an idea" & "How to achieve the big picture: with attention to detail", I was thinking how much the brand suits me and my vision on life.

Walking around all day with Jacky Ickx ment of course that I could ask him some questions. He is a very authentic legend in motorsport that made this car together with the Marketing Team of Belgium lead by Vincent Struye de Swielande . One of the things I asked him was whether he missed the speed as of course he is not racing anymore. He told me: " I never did this sport because I love speed, I just got used to the speed and wanted to always speed it up as I wanted to win. I miss the winning sometimes as that was the main driver for me as a topsporter."

This is an urge I see a lot when I talk with topsporters, or ex-topsporters. And to be honest that winning mentality is also part of myself, everything I do I want to go for the best result possible.

He also told me that he was very grateful that he is still being asked by Porsche for example as an ambassador, and this after all those years....

But when you ever have the chance to meet him in person you will understand why this still very handsome man with a rock star attitude is still such a great ambassador.

But what I will remember the most are his friendly eyes that still go for a win. It was an honor to be seated in front of him during diner and talk to this very authentic, down to earth person with a clear vision that made so many incredible records.

A legend that meets another Iconic legend, the 911.

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