Suyin Aerts
February 7, 2020

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We all have some goals we want to reach, I have been writing about that before. But most people forget the law of progression. They create big goals and aim to make progress or complete their goals in a few difficult steps — which can backfire. When you try to rush the process, it may seem like you succeeded in the short-term. But your long-term approach suffers.

And I have been there myself, getting fit, running a half marathon, losing weight, reading books.... And than you can say been there done that but eventually you will lose the energy and the mental capacity to keep going.

But what works for me lately is that I try to work on my goals in another way. I try to build a consistency, doing sports on a regular basis, eat well all the time. Meet people all your life, keep reading all the time.

I realize that I need to be consistent in my habits, not easy for someone with a 'rebellion mind' as mine, and someone looking for new challenges all the time. Addicted to wining all games I play.

Consistency is about building small empowering rituals. If you aim to progress properly — week to week, month to month, and ultimately year to year — you’ll avoid work burnout.

Most people don’t follow the law of progression, I realize that coaches can help me with that.

This principle can also add value the "process" as much (if not more) than the end result — if you start to enjoy your life with new ways of the process, you are more likely to stick to it, which can ultimately help you to achieve the end results.

So now I try not to focus too much on intensity that might not be sustainable. At a certain moment your body fights back and progress might suffer. I do not try to improve or change everything at once and I try to make small but steady progresses in many things I do and work on small sustainable actions to find out whether they would not have the most impact.

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