Suyin Aerts
February 14, 2020

Digital Transformation

I just started a new study at Vlerick Business School, Take the lead. Is there a difference between a digital transformation and any other transformation is what I am wondering?

Has transformation not always been about thinking in an agile way and adapting yourself and your organisation to the new challenges and opportunities that lay ahead?

Is transformation not always about people?

I was reading an interesting book where a transformation manager was comparing the way of a digital transformation with an expedition of a mountain climber. In "The only way is up" from Wim Smets he shows that you need to think about the transformation and the people not as if you take them on holiday but really see it as an expedition. You need to get prepared and a lot starts with the selection and diversity of the team. It is crucial to be transparent in that team and the different team members need to trust each other.

As a project manager I have learned that you need to take risks in every project, but you need to take calculated risk and follow up on that risk as not everything always happens according to plan.

Every transformation is also going out of your comfort zone, both as a team and as individuals. Be aware that for some people this is fun to do and for others it is very difficult. Do not forget that as a digital transformation leadership team you need to accept that difference in rhythm of the capability of being flexible to react to change.

Think about your transformation as if you where writing a song, a monotone song is not a nice song. But it is more then putting words on music, because first the music needs to be written. You need to mix those different tones, rhythms and blend them together to get a harmony.

I am eager to find out in my new studies what the notes are that we can use to thrive in this digital transformation and how we can write the best possible lyrics when the song is finally ready.

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