Suyin Aerts
March 6, 2020


Intuition is whispering to us all the time, but we’re usually too busy and noisy to listen. But when you try to pay attention and make decision's and reach out to people based on a random gut feeling great things might happen.

What I noticed lately is that some of my tribe is changing. I do feel disconnected from some people I have had in my life for years and it makes me feel a bit confused sometimes. But I know that I follow my heart and intuition and that this means I am moving away from people that don’t feel right anymore in my life and that I am moving toward people that do.

If I trust my intuition more often it also makes me notice those small things in life that matter a lot and that help me reach those big goals.

Noticing the rain on my face when I go out for a run, enjoying the taste of good food with a glass of red wine when being in good company, the change in my body after a hard work-out, the smell of a new perfume of one of the people in my team, laughing at jokes of my kids,...

I am off course still on my quest for self improvement, both in my work and life. But I know how to let go of the productivity hacks and enjoying that life unfolding around me without feeling the need to constantly be bettering myself.

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