Suyin Aerts
April 3, 2020

A productivity plan

Probably this habit comes from when I was very young and combining  going to school with very intensive dancing classes. Every day was about studying and training. To be able to keep up with the school work planning was crucial because a day without dancing was not an option. So a productivity plan came in at a very young age and became a habit for me in life.

And that planning methodology is one of the things that makes me able to combine all the things I do nowadays. Making it able to reach the deadlines. But with the mindset of an ex topsporter (you can always go faster and become better), you could also say I cannot stop myself from being an overachiever. So that feeling of being overwhelm and having to much on your plate, knowing you have put it on the plate yourself, is off course the kind of stress you need to avoid if you want to be productive.

When you work with a productivity plan it is a perfect way to manage that stress and navigate through the hectiness of your days.

And why do I put that much on my plate, one might ask? Well, the truth is that I don’t want to stop and give up with any of the things I am doing. I want the whole pie, not just a slice.

Yes I want to run a business and be a leader for my team. I want to go out and be a networker and I want to run that business club and make it successful. I want to make TV shows and want to make more of them in the future. I want to present and moderate events and I love it when the topics are challenging and need some study. I want to be a great mother and a fantastic partner. I want to be there for my friends and have great parties and go out for diner as much as possible. Did I already say I am thinking of writing a book and travel the world to do keynotes? Off course I want to be training to run a half marathon and I love to workout every day. Yes I am also studying to get a new degree in some months.

So yes I want more, and more and more…

So I do the same as what I did being younger, creating a plan for my time that allows me to get everything done. Because my basic instinct told me at that young age that it was the only way yo survive those years getting grades and training, meeting friends and off course having a boyfriend ?

But making a plan is more than trowing some tasks on a list and call it a day. You need to understand your bigger picture. And do not forget it is not only about planning the work but more important getting the work done with an exquisite quality in mind.

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