Suyin Aerts
April 24, 2020

Stability & Flexibility

To be able to adapt more efficiently in the changing world we are in at the moment, we need to think of a way to combine stability and flexibility.

It will be important to think about what we pick these days to learn from. As always deliberately learning accelerates our learning process and in our lives our learning journey never stops. We will always use the new beliefs, principles and habits consciously but also unconsciously.

Did you know that Einstein believed that happy learners are quicker learners?

So what about trying to pick subjects that are things you really want to learn, but do not forget to make your learning relevant also. Will it teach you something about how to get more stability in life or would it bring you more flexibility in the way you think, feel and act?

I am convinced that if you can find that flow between both, you will be stronger in the period that is ahead of us. You will be able to adopt the new situations more easily.

And this flow of being both flexible and have a stability is something you want to feel in your body and in your mind, thoughts and beliefs.

But you want to also look for it in your company and in your team. In your finance and in your projects. In your processes, clients and partners.

Maybe it is something I learned very young because as a good dancer you learn how to combine stability and flexibility. And when you know how to get that flow, you need to find it in any rhythm they give you.

Good luck and stay in the flow!

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