Suyin Aerts
May 1, 2020


How responsible did you act these past weeks? A lot of decisions to make as a person, a partner, a parent, a team leader, a business owner. But it is in these difficult and strange times that people can make a difference. How authentic were your thoughts the past weeks and how did you communicate them to the world around you?

Did you make people feel as if you really cared about them, did you give them undivided focus and attention?

And what about yourself who did really make you feel trustworthy?

Is it in your time management or is it more in your attention management that people will feel your responsibility for the world? And how do you plan that attention, can you plan this anyway or is it more about a state of mind?

Happiness cannot be purchased we all know that and the sooner we realise that we must let go that incredible urge to chase happiness, the happier we will be. Happiness is not something that we attain, it is not a place we can live in, but it is a place we can visit.

We realised in the past weeks that our planet was not that happy and that when we suffocate the world we might also suffocate ourselves.

It is about being meaningful and what a person values is very different from one person to another. We must realise that we are blessed to be able to have the freedom to pursue our own values.

That is why I think you should pay attention and take the responsibility as a partner, a parent and a leader to think about the value you bring to others. Because more than ever before as a person and a customer we will check how authentic you are as a label and a person and whether you showed the world that the way you act in what you deliver helps other to travel to happiness.

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