Suyin Aerts
May 29, 2020


I do not have the time… I should make more time for this….

Nowadays it is more than only time-management to get the things done you need or want to get done. It is about attention and focus. We know, scientists have shown us, that our brain can only digest a certain number of information. And we have so much information and things we would like to know in our reach. Almost everything is available, however there is only a limited supply of attention that are brain can deliver even though we have an increasing demand for that attention. It is about making decisions where to spend the energy and the attention on. How many decisions are we able to make in the 24 hours?

What if the ability to be deeply focused is a superpower?

How would you train your superpower?  Maybe to get into a way of life that completely fits who you are, so that your daily routine is not about making decisions all the time about simple things: what to eat, what to drink, what to wear, who to call, who to meet,… what not to eat, what not to drink, who not to think about…

Try to work on those habits that completely fits the lifestyle you want. You are the director of your own life and choices. Nobody writes the script for you, take the pen of the focus and attention in your own hands.

It will bring you a into a flow that makes it possible to be super focused when you need to deliver and make important decisions,

Try not to lose your attention span already on something irrelevant. So maybe this means unlearning some habits and enjoy others even more. The joy will bring you energy. Bad habits that do not even make you happy? Get rid of them and get your precious attention on other things, other people, other relations. But what is a bad habit? That it is personal, do not let anyone tell you what you should like or not.

Enjoy the script of your life and be happy that they "casted" you for that lead role.

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