Suyin Aerts
June 12, 2020

The trap

If there was a single answer about how to live, we would not be free. We would be trapped. Because then we would all have to live to that answer. Instead,we get to choose what we find important in our lives and to define ourselves in doing so.

Is it not great to be able to craft our distinctive identities in a way we want to live our lives?

This freedom can give you an extremely empowering feeling. In the game of life, you get to make up your own rules — and that is beautiful!

The only trap is time. We all have 24 hours in a day, better spent them well.

Do not let the clock trap you, follow your feelings and live everyday as if it were your last, but also knowing that you must think about the perspective of tomorrow. I do not really believe in Carpe Diem alone, because seize the day is especially great when you know that tomorrow you wake up in the same live, your own.

So, I believe that thinking about possible scenarios for your days to come is not a bad idea…because many people told me already that to visualise your ideal days will help you have the fun you dream of and you deserve in your days.

But make sure that the vision board does not only stay on your wall, because you should live your live not only dream it, right?

The journey of 'personal growth’ forces you to think: What am I doing it for? What am I hoping to achieve? Which mountain am I climbing and why?

These values you find important, not the goal you want to achieve, should determine your choices.

What does it mean to win the game of life? When have we won?

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