Suyin Aerts
June 26, 2020


If people like you, that is of course a very nice thing. But when you want to go far it is probably better when people are interested in you.

Sometimes I notice people smiling at me but it feels manufactured and measured. They try to hard to please me it feels like a currency to buy something but the smile was not to warm my heart.

I think this might work for a while however any form of insincerity will be picked up by other people after a while.

You will not find a script somewhere how to build a real rapport with people. It is about being interested in people in a sincere way. Maybe it is about mindset, it is not just a tactical game in who would be good to manipulate for your own gain. It is about being honestly curious about the purpose of other human beings, about what makes them happy and what they are really like.

Are relations that are not based only upon courtesy, better relations?

Are we not creatures guided by our interests?

I am interested in human beings that have a depth, those that are thoughtful and that have multi-dimensions. People with a nuance.

I like to enrich myself with that kind of people around me, those that make me grow that share their life experiences with me. Those people broaden my knowledge and experience, they make me curious and I love to connect with them. I feel very much guided by my interest, even if these interests are broad.

When people make me curious about who they are, I listen a little longer, I read an extra paragraph of what they share and write....

Be interesting, be interested and become better in being yourself.

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