Suyin Aerts
July 3, 2020

Sharing is caring

But is that the reason we share things on social media?

Why do we only post the “cool” things and most of the time hide the bad? Do we see those things as failures?

I think failure should not change our core worth.  I recently read that in a study it showed that individuals who have a sense of purpose are more likely to be immune to a rush of self-esteem that comes with online likes and comments. The researchers also noticed that having a sense of purpose allowed people to navigate virtual feedback with more rigidity and persistence…Purposeful people noticed the positive feedback but did not rely on it to feel good about themselves.

Is a purpose the same as a passion?

No, it is not, Brianna Wiest wrote ones: ““Passion is the spark that lights the fire; purpose is the kindling that keeps it burning all night.”

I know people feeling stressed because they think they need to look for their passion and when they are not able to unlock it they are feeling stressed and even in pain.

A passion will not be enough to keep the fire burning, you will need committed pursuit of your purpose. Honoring my purpose passionately sounds a good one to me and I rather stay curious and I trust that this curiosity will simply keep me on my path of purpose.

I think purpose is not something that you find but that you create.

And as one of my role models Oprah says: “whatever your calling, it’s already rooted within you”

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