Suyin Aerts
July 10, 2020

Big challenges

Let me start with where I have ended last week “whatever your calling, it’s already rooted within you”, is what Oprah once said. And then you are seated around a table for a great project and they throw another great challenge to you, out of the blue. Or at least this is how it feels, guess they thought about it before throwing it.

And you start answering and realizing it is your heart that is talking, shouting out: “Yes I can” and you get home afterwards and think. Visualization does it really works?

Obama is the one that thought us how to say, “Yes we can”. And then before you go to sleep you realize… did I honestly just told them I can?

Yes, little lady you did!

And then the heartbeat is back, the sweaty hands, the one I know, the one some fear but the one I love.

The one based on the passionate me, before a premiere hitting the stage as a dancer, before playing a difficult scene as an actor, with the whole team behind the camera’s watching, getting on stage as a moderator knowing smart people are in the audience…. The first time the on-air light pops when you must interview an important person, the moment they bring you into to room where you will give birth to your children. You know those real heartbeat moments, that tell you yes you are alive.

“It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.”  Epictetus said.

An opportunity…A reaction…A challenge…

Prepare, be yourself, breath, think, re-think, and just do it.

But first let me call my coach, let me talk to my friends, let me get convinced by my partner, let us see what my parents think.

But hell, whatever they say, Yes I can.

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