Suyin Aerts
July 31, 2020

Opinion & time

Do you sometimes have the feeling time is going fast?

We should commit to make more time for rest as our work directly benefits from this is something a lot of people told me already. And it is true that when we become more aware of the true value of our time, not just as a currency to exchange for money, but something valuable to our personal lives, we understand that time is very meaningful.

Rest does not necessary mean sleep to me (however sleeping is crucial), but it means taking time for a variety of passions.

Unlocking your potential takes time, is what I experience in the past months and years and throwing away time is so easy to do. I am afraid I am guilty and did not always lived up to my potential. But I still have loads of time and that’s the best reason to stop wasting it and unlock more of my potential.

When you talk with people about your potential people have an opinion. Everyone has got an opinion, that does not make it right.

An opinion is based on someone else’s experience of the world and that may not be yours. It’s nice to hear opinions and feedback. I just try not to be held back by them.

Have you ever had the feeling of giving up on reaching that potential?

Actually those uncomfortable situations force us to grow and other people are very often so caught up in their own struggles that they are not noticing yours. I think most of the successful and happy people I look up to, have had the feeling they wanted to give up on their dreams as they had the feeling they would never have enough time to get there.

But they made it, so why should I not make it, is my personal opinion.

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