Suyin Aerts
August 28, 2020

Will any topic work?

I ask my partner: (private and business) what topic would you like me to write about in my next blog?

He looks up and says: ‘I am really busy’…

God! I hate people reacting as if the are the only one with an agenda. 😊  He is my partner, so I dare to ask him again and the answer is: “write about the sexual life of the cockchafer in the Middle Ages”. He answered me in Dutch (“het sexleven van de meikever in de Middeleeuwen” ), and I did not have a clue how that animal was called in English, looked it up, so at least that is what I learned today.

The Cockchafer, what a name! And instead of thinking about the topic of the week, I thought about the “why” of my weekly writing.

I realize that it is for the last 2,5 years that every week I write an article on what passes my mind. Things I read, saw, hear, or talked about. Things or people that touched me in one way or the other.

I never skipped a week, always was true to the deadline (even though the client was myself)

In the beginning I was anxious if I would have enough topics to write about… I was also uncertain as I am more a talker than a writer, and English is not my mother tongue. But I do like challenging myself from time to time. And so far, so good. I enjoy the writing and sometimes I do wonder if I would write a book. But than the question is, what topic? Would any topic work?  Should it be a business book, but I am not a specialist but more a generalist. Should it be based upon myself and my experiences in life? Or should it be a novel maybe, about the Fearless Cockhafer?

The funny thing is that as much as I am a planner in daily life, I do not plan my topics on beforehand. I just sit down, think, and write about something that interests me. That is my only rule for the moment. In that way I stay open minded and any topic can work to get started.

But normally when you start writing you start with an outline, a main purpose, research, and a desired audience you want to reach. Any writing coach will tell you this (and I know a great writing coach and she knows what she is saying)

I was just reading an article stating that bloggers’ curiosity is what makes them great at what they do…interesting idea. Curious I am for sure if it makes me good at writing…do not know. Sometimes I wonder if I should I not put a bigger goal to reach with my writing? To change the world for example 😊 I guess time will tell……..and maybe tomorrow I wake up and have the topic and title I want to start with for a ‘real book’…I have some ideas but…will any topic work?

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