Suyin Aerts
September 4, 2020

Getting things done

Last week I got the question to share my thought about what people keeps from responding to a mail from people they do not directly know?

When I quickly read the topic I thought the question was what keeps people from responding to any mail, what keeps people from doing certain things that you can better do immediately? It made me think about the GTD methodology. I am not a specialist, however I will interview the man that created the concept and the method David Allen next month for a digital event. If you are interested take a look on the website and I would suggest to get enrolled if you are also someone that has many things to do.

You know what they say: “If you want to get things done ask a busy person”. I’m always laughing(not out load) when I ask people how they are and they answer: really busy. In my opinion a busy person rarely complains of being busy. But that was not the topic…

The reason not responding to a mail from someone you do not know in my opinion is uncertainty or it might also be due to the fact that you already judge the person before you even met, talked or mailed with that person. And that is a very bad habit. That is not the way you will connect with someone new that might become as anyone else important in your life.

In the morining I check all my mails, get the easy stuff done and answer all the question I got, by mail, what’s app, messenger,…because I suppose people await my answer to be able to continue their personal to do lists. And one of the most important thing afterwards is to get all my attention on the mails from people I do not know (also important to check your spam as some get lost in there)

But when I want to connect people,I will always make a mail myself to both of the people and introduce the person asking to get introduced.  And yes for sure when I have to prioritize whom to answer first I will always pay special attention to this kind of mails or messages.

If I do not answer a mail it might also be because it is a ‘selling’ mail before I even got a connecting mail…and I hate that kind of mails, as I hate that kind of not personalized messages in LinkedIn. Against all rules I prefer someone just connection than adding  a standard  “Hello, Me, myself and I” messages in LinkedIn.

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