Suyin Aerts
September 18, 2020


I love interviewing, it is something that suits me like the perfect wedding dress. By the way this is also soon on my agenda (I have something with figures so what would you figure out would be a great date for my marriage?)

When you get briefed by personal assistants, organisers, marketing and communication professionals, PR agencies, event organisers, sponsors…what I try to do is dig for the in between the lines.

Anything would work to get the truth out of the mouths of my guests and make them shine. Give them a stage to express themselves better than if they would do so in a keynote. It is about preparations, it is about questions, it is about the live moment and letting any preparations go and trust your heart and body that connects (or not) with the guest. It is about feeling the audience, even if they are not in the room, it is about taking risks, it is about shutting up, it is about daring to go further, it is about holding back.

An interview is a dance, it is about energy, it is about timing, it is about rhythm, it is about getting without giving that much. It is most of all about trust. It is about comforting your guest that you are not there to get medals yourself but to make their magic truth, their mission come out.

It is amazing to dive into a moment of the life of someone that is worth it, and we are all worth it, to get the right questions to be able to give the right answers and to shine and move on after the interview on a cloud of happiness.

When you are able to interview inspiring people, …you are grateful when they say : thank you for the interview

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