Suyin Aerts
October 2, 2020


I always knew I was a bit different but I know I will never be indifferent...

Indifference says loud and clear, “I just don’t care about you. What’s happening to you doesn’t matter to me.”

I sometimes wonder whether indifference is not a kind of fear?

Is the opposite of love hate? I think indifference is the opposite of love.

We have our own choices and experiences that are resulting in both our own responsibilities and our own opportunities. We fancy ourselves separate from each other, independent and free. And that is ok, this opportunity to be yourself, to be different. I never try to hard to fit in.

I think it is important not to become indifferent as it comes easily in our culture maybe because of being so focussed on ourselves.

But when you are able to push aside any form of indifference and you are able to take the time to listen with compassion to understand the experiences of others I am convinced we can offer support when needed.

I often use whatever I have :my position, my influence, relationships, time, or creativity to give help and contribute to solutions for other people.

Yes this takes time and effort, but the reward you get from those genuine happy people is worth the effort.

Of course we cannot conduct our lives properly if we treat everything as equally important; we must have some order of priority. We must learn to be somewhat indifferent to some issues and sensitive to others; otherwise, our mental system will become overwhelmed.

Some say sensitivity refers to being easily offended or excited.

I will conclude with this: I guess I am a sensitive person that will never be indifferent, and if you think I am different, that does not leave me indifferent.

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