Suyin Aerts
October 9, 2020

Artificial Intelligence

It was really nice to be moderating an internal event this week for the company who’s Manager is the actual Manager of the Year in Belgium. I had the pleasure to have 3 amazing speakers in a remote and digital setting. It is always an extra challenge to do panels when you cannot really see the panelist close to you but I was really happy with what they shared. As a host of this kind of events it is great to boost your own knowledge of the topic. When speakers on top of that share bold statements, talk about trends, concepts and future visions with the goal to spark ideas and discussions, and what they say cannot be shared…you feel privileged as a host and moderator.

Being in the control seat on the Q&A is a huge honor, especially when you have the very best ready to get your questions and provide the answers. And that is what I mean when I say that asking the right questions is so crucial to get the interviews and talks to a whole other level.

From good to great!

It is about being in the moment and also about understanding every little bit of the answer to be able to elaborate further. It is about preparation, but also when you have a live Q&A open find the best moment to fit in the concerns of the audience.

Today was about Artificial Intelligence and what I can share is that we need to move to Augmented Intelligence and basically it is all about communication. Between men, between systems and algorithms, and between men and machine. We will most probably move to 1 big clinical try instead the medieval way it is still done nowadays, will this become the big test for Covid?

What I learend is that when you ask to forecast something when talking to a smart person they think twice and start calculation when they throw dates (that I will not share :-))

One thing is for sure the silver bullet on how to deal with personal data does not exist and we will always need to take into account the costs for accuracy. But the most important thing is probably that we need to stay aware of how important ethics and cultural differences are when we talk about data.

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