Suyin Aerts
October 16, 2020


Freedom, what does it mean? Did you ever lose a part of your health making you feel as if you lost your freedom? What are we without health when we are free? Do we need to feel healthy before we can feel free, or does freedom gives us a feeling of being healthy?

What are rules when a selected part of people think they are stronger than regulations, they can do whatever because they are healthy and free. What if they would realize that the basic right of being healthy is bruised because someone cared more about his freedom than your health?

Solidarity what does it mean when you are alone in your home? When you do not have a loving family around you and the only thing you have is your television, your telephone and maybe a pet. What if your pet doesn’t speak your language or do you really believe you can speak their language?

What if you cannot distinguish fake new from real news anymore, what if…you doubt who speaks the truth and who is having a hidden agenda?

What if you miss the smile of the casher because she is stressed her smile might infect you? What if you have the feeling you are in the best Netflix series ever? With cliffhangers around every corner?

What if you start by thinking:  I am ok, they are ok, we can manage, we have had our personal crisis and now we are in this together, what if that makes us stronger, because we show compassion, because we care, because many brains know more than one brain, because one heart can love. And all we need is love and understanding, what if we give every minute an extra minute to think about that minute, would we get lost or would we find the way back

What if we start by breathing in and out, look around and believe with our hearts, things will be all right, even if that takes some minutes of our freedom. Would we get real freedom instead of a fake feeling of being free with the enemy still around?

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