Suyin Aerts
October 23, 2020

It’s ok not to be ok

I had the incredible luck to be able to moderate a panel on HR this week for a big software company. It was remarkable to get real authentic HR managers and a down to earth professor in the talk. It is about culture they said, it is about realizing that we need to do first things first. We have been all confronted overnight with the digital transformation of HR, with remote working. With people we thought were the strongest showing some cracks, we are more than ever challenged to see the real people behind our teams. It is not how many hours you work, it is about the outcome of the work.

What about the social glue of our teams when physical but also emotional distance is the new rule. What if we cannot talk about the bad coffee next to the coffee machine. What if team spirit is not about having that beer to much when you just came out of the escape room and you try to make the world a better place.

What if you wake up and you feel anxious because it new, different and then you have those figures that the press throws at your head…

Bringing me to another event I could moderate this week…post corona, was the title initially but it became…anything but post.

How dare we communicate on figures without telling people what figures might mean and what they are not?

What if the best doctor you know says she is anxious… what if we accept that doctors are human to? What if they read the press, what if they also get influenced by the anxious feeling. What if the strongest people in your network say…I do not feel ok….

Will you tell them it is ok not to feel ok?

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