Suyin Aerts
November 6, 2020


When is somebody creative? I think creativity is hard to encapsulate. Some say that you can be really creative when you try to become like children again, innocent.

Do we need to be free to be creative? Being free does not necessarily mean we can influence any piece of our own destiny. But we should be able to understand and be at peace with our place in the world. The more we understand how things work in the world, the less innocent we become and some philosopher once said we become mental slaves when we realize that the world is not as we want it to be and we could become frustrated.

Therefore we need to stay creative even in times like these, it feels sometimes as if we are in a war situation right now. But does peace means the absence of war? Or is peace a state of mind? This situation and the fact we live it together will change our lives in a significant way.

What if creativity is not making something perfect but it the search for imperfect beauty?

With words, with notes, with paint, with movements, with algorithms, with the thoughts in your head.

Does a better world not starts with being resilient in these troubled times? 

Maybe the stillness for the coming weeks needs to be embraced and reflection will make us more creative than we have ever been.

Creativity involves a way of thinking and an ability to relate to others and to the world in novel ways that can lead to inspiration.

I do not think we need to define creativity, we need to be and stay creative .

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