Suyin Aerts
November 13, 2020


Do we need talent to succeed in the things we love to do?  

I think being talented can be a gift, but it is more important to be passionate and to work hard to turn out to be good in many things. And when you work hard with passion with good coaches that believe in you will even become great in what you do. It is about perseverance and work ethics that help you to accomplish your dreams very often. Whether it is a hobby, a sport, a study, a job,...

Observation is also very important to me, paying attention to the world that is around you so you can suck up all the information you can to become better is I think better than to be born with a talent. Visit the places you need to be in to get more knowledge on the topics you want to learn more about.

And the fact you need to work harder than the ones with the born talent that might not know how to work hard…helps a lot. I don’t believe natural giftedness leads to amazing results without some hard work. Hard work, determination and an overriding desire to reach a certain goal, even when faced with scepticism, lack of appreciation or outright opposition, are as important as talent.

Talent is a great starting point. Nobody can deny that people who are naturally gifted have an advantage. But lack of talent shouldn’t be a stumbling block.

I’m not naive enough to believe we can do anything we want if we just try hard enough. But we can all be much, much better than we are.

Don’t let your perception that you lack natural talent stop you. Remember the words of best-selling author Stephen King, “Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.”

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