Suyin Aerts
November 20, 2020


Sometimes there are moments when you are very busy for your job, having many challenges, working on many different project, deadlines to meet, customers you want to satisfy…

This is the actual situation for me right now, feeling grateful for all the projects I can work on even in these strange times. But on the other hand the business I run with my partner is suffering, our team is waiting, waiting for times to get better, for events, parties and festivals to start again.

And then there comes a lightning, not close but far away, you are not struck but you know it was terrible on the people that got hit.

It makes me ones more realize how important to be vigilant on those emotions around us, or the lack of emotions sometimes.

I was grateful to see the tears in the eyes of my customer this morning, a pressure clearly fell of his shoulders.

But than if you compare this emotion to what a loss those parents have to bear…it is massive. It is about perspective and maybe the one thing we should not do is to compare.

Aren’t our children what is the dearest to us, the moment you believe in unconditional love?

I was confronted already with friends, young friends that decided this life was no longer for them…

I remember I felt angry, I felt disappointed, in them or in myself…and most of all I felt the loss.

But when a 16 year old girl decides to go…I have no words only tears, I cannot describe the feeling, I did not know the girl, I do not know the parents nor their situation, but it is a loss, a loss of a young soul, that should have everything, that deserves happiness, as all the children out there…

When I saw the tears in the eyes of my customer, this morning, an adult man showing his vulnerability when we were nearing the end of our live event, I felt grateful…a strange feeling maybe.

And it gave me hope, hope for our future…

Loss is unfair but sometimes it is even more unfair

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