Suyin Aerts
November 27, 2020


If passion does exist would it be a feeling you earn with experience?

When we find something we are good at, we practice, and we get better at it. I have experienced that already in the past and the more I do it, I get better, the more I start to feel passionate about it. There are clues all around, trying to tell me what I should be doing with my life, but  when I do not pay attention I would miss some of them.

Is making the roadmap of your career something you do when you are 18? I made one…and after that one I made another one. And I continue making the roads on my roadmap. And I take out the things that do not make me feel passionate about.

Is passion in reality maybe nothing more than a subject you’re interested in that you can pair with a certain skill you have and that doesn’t cost you that much effort?

I do have very often the feeling this would be cool to do…

But then again the past months some voices talk harder in my head on things I would like to realize in this live at least.

Some say that friends and family can see things in you that you can’t. Feedback from strangers, acquaintances, and people who aren’t so closely tied to you but do know you, can be even more useful than feedback from people you know, some say.

Yes I admit “The world around me is pointing a neon sign saying “Your life purpose is here!”

So what if the title of the amzing book of Michelle Obama, “Becoming” , is just the only thing I need to do and focus on?


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