Suyin Aerts
December 11, 2020

Active listening

Do I get prepared for interviews?

Yes, of course, it would be a lack of respect not to get prepared in my opinion , but the most important thing is to be “in” the moment on the moment the interview really starts. I listen to the words that are said and those not said, I try to feel the emotions in the sentences people make. I listen to the tone of their voice. I watch their body and how they behave.

I try to listen before I judge the answer…as it is not a talk between that person and myself it is about shining a light on that person, for many people following the interview. I leave the opportunity for people to make their own judgements.

But I do put a lot of myself in the questions, as my interviews are based upon my questions. The right and appropriate ones in my believe. The ones that might not be the standard ones.

People that want standard interviews should not contact me…. I think. Others are better in standards, I am good in changing focus. I am good in talking to strangers as I am good in talking to people I know very well. I like to go in the corners where nobody dares to go, I even go in the corners of circles.

Possible? Yes!

What if time is restricted and the scenario is scripted? Is it possible to keep my guests authentic, fluent and honest in their answers if people get the possible questions on beforehand?

Oh yes however I suppose it is my typical style that makes that possible. It is the way I digest what people say that gets the conversation going. And I know some people decide themselves not to check the questions on beforehand, and that is completely ok, but in my opinion, as all people are different, I try to go for the way I prepare that suits the best for anyone…and keeps all options open, adults can decide how they want to dive into the talk on beforehand.

An interview is not about me, but when I am the interviewer the result will be one that could only be done by me.

Sounds a contradictory? I do not think so. It is a very thin line, in which I am still looking for the best balance, enough me to make the recipe of the interview be as tasteful as possible.

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