Suyin Aerts
January 1, 2021

Good intentions

What else to write about than good intention on this first day of the year.

I would say that balance is what will be my main concern this year, balance between working hard and having a healthy life with enough time to spent with my family, with time for eating healthy and doing sports at a decent rhythm to maintain in a very good shape and time to write, read and reflect.

It will all be about making decisions, that means I will need time and space to think and to make the decisions after a reflection of my own personal sense of what feels right to do. It is also about feeling confident about the decision. Certainty on the outcome of decisions is of course impossible.

Although I know that regularity is important for an organism, I am such a curious person I would forget that from time to time. That’s why I try to plan some me-time in my agenda, knowing that taking the time gives me more valuable time afterwards. But it stays a challenge for me as I am more the person diving in every opportunity, everything that is new is tempting for me to try and saying no is almost impossible for me.

I sometimes think that the fact I need to take medicine on a daily basis since about 5 years now (due to me protein S deficiency) is also a sign to myself that I need to build some regular stuff in my weeks.

Writing a blog for example is something that became a ritual since some years now. It is about me and the blank paper. Starting by wondering what I would like to write down, for myself and for others.

Great sports sessions with my coach, very often together with my husband(yes we finally got married last year on 1010 2020-always had something with special number) is another habit I want to keep in my agenda for the whole coming year. Although I could be a PT myself as I perfectly know what a training should look like, I feel I need the meeting in the agenda to not skip that hours that my organism is longing for. My brain also works better when I sport regularly. Oh and mountain biking is again part of my weekends and I love it so much, another thing we do as a couple, perfect combination!

I will also be strict on myself on my eating habits as well as my alcohol consumption. Because for me every day has always a reason to celebrate or to forget the bad things that were on my days. And when I think celebration I think food and drinks and people I love around me… And when I think let’s slow down, same story food, drinks and a hug.

What if I decided that I would do some extra sports instead or spend more time on healthy grocery shopping, reading an extra book, watching all those Netflix series I want to see,….maybe buying a dog might be a good idea, friendships and walking…

After all working relentlessly is a bit stupid. And although I always feel I do not have enough hours in a day I realize that taking those extra hours for myself every week are actually vital to grow more and more into the person I am becoming.

Let me close with a nice sentence of Oprah;

“I don’t believe in coincidence. I know there is a divine order to the magnificent mystery of our lives”

Happy New Year, nice to meet you I am ready for you and yes I do have a lot of things to prove to myself, one is that I can live my life fearlessly.

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