Suyin Aerts
January 8, 2021


I am not going to write about the act of Trump that seemed to come out of the textbook of terrorism, although I am very disappointed about what happened and a bit stressed to find out what will happen in the 13 days that are left for him as a President.

I would like to talk about other disappointments…

It is a pity off course that I could not do what we do since some years between Christmas and New year’s, spending the holidays in the sun. This year things were different.

I am not that disappointed actually as I tell myself: I spent the holidays with my loved ones : my husband and daughters and we are all in good health, things could be worse.

I am however disappointed in some people about the way they react to the crisis. Some not caring at all about what restrictions they are asking us, because they know better, because they think they are invincible. Because they know the rules, but they know how not to follow them and not get caught. I am disappointed in those people always knowing better but not doing anything themselves for society. Just counting their own money and making sure they get enough sunshine.

Does every little inch of not following the rules will have an effect, even a tiny one, slowing down everything? We do not know, we will never know, but maybe if we just hope it does make a difference, it makes things easier.

Let’s also have a special thought for the people being lonely, many single people that I know are following the rules but feeling more and more alone…missing the hugs and are in desire for physical contact. They pay the bill.

I am also disappointed, as well as happily surprised, by the entrepreneurship of many people. Some that I thought would do great things when a crisis would happen, are just waiting for better times to come. And others are even more dynamic and creative than I would have ever thought.

Two of those people that surprise me positively are my own girls, really they make me very proud (own child, I know, always the best but…)

But let me tell you when I really felt very disappointed just before Christmas:

I posted a picture on social media, an old picture taken before the pandemic…as I was happy to work again with a MUA(Make Up Artist) for an online show. And I got a very aggressive reaction from someone thinking it was a picture from us “live” on that day before Christmas not caring about the rules, as the MUA was not wearing a mask…

Would I honestly be that stupid to even post a picture like this, …in case I would not follow the rules?

People know me as a rebel, I even had a boyfriend once that gave me that nickname 😊 but that is not because I do not follow the rules it is because I like to follow my own path and not the regular one, because I do not accept everything without thinking myself because people tell me it is the truth and when sharing my ideas diplomacy is not always my cup of tea and I might be a bit to direct. But I do follow most of the rules, even if sometimes I do not agree with them.

But I realize now WHY that reaction disappointed me (that came from of a person that I appreciate a lot and that knows me since I was in my twenties -last year I mean 😊) …I did not feel angry but sad actually.

Let me tell you where my sadness came from, I made a link with something else that happened before Christmas, finding out that young children are in hospital suffering from Anorexia.

I think those youngster believe that picture on social media are always selfies, without make-up, shared when they are made. Does nobody explain them what social media is? Does nobody explain them about the algorithms, about manipulations, … and that brings me back to Trump…same story in a way.

I unfortunately know girls of 12 and 13 years old, friends of my daughters, suffering from Anorexia.

A terrible disease, a monster!

Brings me back to my life as a dancer, how badly we all wanted that perfect ballerina body. Some of those girls did not see the world and their own body with normal eyes anymore. Once they were under the spell of Anorexia it was as if their mirror had been changed.

We need to think about ways to teach children that the world on social media is a new kind of world, a mix between an e-game and reality. I try to teach my children that filters exist, that professional pictures are almost always Photoshopped to make them nicer, that make-up can hide stuff, that people only show the best side of themselves, and that cheating is permitted, posting a picture from summer in winter for example.

So I wonder should I always leave an * underneath everything I post so no misunderstanding is possible anymore…as we do not play the social media game with the same rules…be aware!

Mind the social media gap and do not get trapped.

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