Suyin Aerts
January 22, 2021

After the dream

We need to be able to dream for our entire life, or at least that’s what I believe.

But what’s is the difference between a dreamer and a doer? Because dreams without making them reality might be frustrating, so what comes after the dream?

One of the things is daring to ask for help, if you have the courage to ask someone for her/his help you will find yourself very often respected but those people and you will make progress. Dare to make that call, send that mail, dare to go to that person for a talk and dare to aim high, even if it might give you some scars, dare to dance on the edges.

Another thing is making decisions. So as a doer we should understand that you cannot stay indecisive, because you will be paralyzed and that it is the worst thing. We need to make a decision what feels as a good decision and then you work your ass off to make it a great one. I think that the quality of your decisions is a direct reflection of the commitment you give to your work.

And if you realize you made a wrong decision anyway, you just go another way. Actually it can be as easy as this.(which doesn’t mean that saying goodbye to projects, people, jobs, stuff is not difficult)

As you will never know whether a decisions stays the best one for your entire future. I hope the coronavirus brought you at least this insight: we will never know what happens tomorrow.

So if you are as I am: a doer that want to realize my dreams, I would like to share this sentence I read recently and loved: “Frontpage news will always be rewarded to those who consistently take the unsexy, but right steps behind the scenes.”

So dream big and think about what happens after the dream….and enjoy the process that will lead to the results and do not focus to much on your goal but be consistent in your system.

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