Suyin Aerts
January 29, 2021

An idea

I just got an idea, I wonder whether in some days I will still be convinced this will be a good idea.


Last week I decided to go for a challenge, a “sporty spice” challenge, so the coming 9 months I will have another job beside my job and that is to get very fit. Both physically and mentally.

This challenge I go for will be one where I will need a certain stamina, an infinite game in a way, to win I will need to keep playing. I will have to believe that real growth will occur when each past improvement will help for further growth.

Everything starts by setting a realistic and specific goal. Something you really want to achieve, not something others want you to achieve, is a line I wrote in a blog article once.


In an interview with Steve Jobs from 1995 that I recently heard he says that life can be much broader than what you think, once you discover 1 simple fact and that is that everything that is around you in the world was made up by people that were not smarter than you, and you can change it, you can influence it and build your own things that other people can use.

So what he says is that your ideas can mold your life and that you can embrace your own live. So basically that means that an idea will only change your life if you accept that your life can be changed.


And the idea that popped up in my mind is a bit crazy, what if I do not only set that 1 goal, but 2….

But both goals will help me to achieve the goal…weird idea…but as Steve Jobs says as long as I believe in my idea. However I will take the weekend to think if the idea is realistic, because it is specific that’s for sure.

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