Suyin Aerts
February 12, 2021


Clubhouse the new place to be, at least for a Marketing addict and an early adopter as I am. These developers have found the perfect timing to launch this new application. Or maybe the idea started during Corona.

I am really impressed to see that what does not work so easily on the digital events I have seen, works here.

They succeed for the moment to replace the occasionally bumping into people, wow how cool is this.

I have the feeling we start to realize this is what we miss very much these times. Not being able to meet people in the pub, on a network event, see people again on a party, have chitchat talk.

In this application I have the feeling networking was the first reason, they trust that people will bring the content. People realize how important a voice is and people that are speaking coaches will have a booming business here. Because people wonder very much how to we make business out of this.

It is a very much an addictive thing, because you do not have to pay for the drinks, you do not have a closing hour for the event and there is no security that tells you to leave the building(yes happens to me very often). How many times did you leave an event with other people looking for a pub that is open?

Here it is always open, as people from all over the world or on the platform, no time zone…

I hope people think about this and make a rule or something for themselves. Because so many interesting people out there never enough time.

But networking should be part of the job of any entrepreneur so let’s meet on Clubhouse soon.  Yes I do have some invites DM me and I will let you in, I need your phone number and you have to be on iPhone, Android is coming)

And yes we do not know what happens with Clubhouse after Corona, but hey did we knew about Corona at this date last year…my advice go with the flow!

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