Suyin Aerts
February 19, 2021

What a creative treat

I found myself earlier this week talking to a friend saying I realize that for me, if I go to a restaurant(and I love going to the restaurant) it is the whole picture I am looking for: the people, the atmosphere, the waiters, the welcome, the food, the drinks, the fun, the talks, the music, the intimacy at a table, the laughs with friends, …

And I do find it really hard to have the same feeling with a take out, maybe I am a spoiled bitch(and I love cooking also and be creative in my cooking). And for me that take-out menus should be more than just food to take home.

So if I do not feel the treated as a princess…I might be a little disappointed. But I do like to order because I want to support my favorite restaurants in these difficult times. We have to support those having a hard time…imagine of our clients would order inflatables just to support us…what would they order I wonder. Did not happen yet…

So today after a great experience with some Guilty Pleasure Boxes from The Cellar (Mechelen), I was to curious and I just had to order the first Machick Box from ‘The Chick’(a fantastic restaurant in Mechelen also)

OMG, than I realize that only the great delivery boxes would have done the job already.

It is all in the details, whatever you do. Creativity is what I want beside great food. The owners of these restaurants are off course people from the event industry but the way they are able to make me feel like a princess even before I tasted one of the many courses…

Wauw…I am really impressed. And I realize that creativity combined with the love for your customers and for your job, for your craft is what we need in this world. I hate mediocracy, I love special people, I love people that dare, I love people that work together with partners, I love people that help their network to be seen on a stage together with them.

Well let me tell you this, they got me with the foreplay already!

With perfect wine pairing I can only recommend……..fantastic!

I feel like a chick with a crown.

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