Suyin Aerts
February 26, 2021

We cannot de-invent things

I was in a very inspiring Clubhouse room earlier this week hosted by Roland Legrand, Journalist at De Tijd with Jonathan Berte founder of as his guest. The main topic was AI and whether we will continue to need humans for certain jobs or would AI take over. Jonathan is someone I already follow since a while and I had the pleasure to have him in a panel myself as a moderator and I think we need more people like him, saying they always strive for a scientific goal but they are doing it as entrepreneurs. These people not only work on breakthroughs based upon scientific research but they are really thinking about how to bring these things to live and in our lives.

At a certain moment I asked Roland how many people he met and interviewed as a technology journalist that are working with AI and that told him they were afraid of what AI might bring of unethical things in the future and whether some of them were even afraid of AI. The answer he gave was spot on and I loved it:  ‘we cannot de-invent things, and we are not able to make knowledge disappear’

Basically this means that we should be really thinking as inventors and scientists before we go searching for new realities. Because once you found out the truth, there is no way back.

Another topic raised was how we could regulate the use of AI in the future. Jonathan was clear on that: he thinks policy makers will be late. It is the industries that need to take their responsibilities and understand that profit should be weighed against morality.

This one of the missions I have in my live and as an interviewer and blogger: make people realize we need entrepreneurs that have big dreams but even bigger morality standards.

I think we need very strong people as entrepreneurs that dare to reach out, but they should not become hard as stones, without any emotions. The most beautiful stones are the ones shaped by the water. I think tears or other emotions are the water we need to shape the entrepreneurs we need in the future. This will make diamonds that shine. And when emotions disappear, morals might also disappear.

But let’s not forget we cannot de-invent things, so think about what is good and what is wrong before you go looking for something that might become bigger than yourself.

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