Suyin Aerts
March 5, 2021

The loop from the end to start

Very interesting experiment I did last weekend, instead of starting my mountain bike tour in the usual direction we did it the other way around. Very strange how this gives you a whole other perspective of the exact same roads. You discover things you have never seen before. That is also why I like to look at opportunities from different angles because every angle will give you extra information. The same with tasks, off course doing things always the same way, your speed might go up. But it might be that you have learned stuff since you do a task that allows you to tackle the issue another way.

If you would never dare to ask yourself, what if I try to change a habit, you might miss certain things. Even if it is a habit that works very well it might be worth it to think it over from time to time. I am also the person that in brainstorms drops an idea that might make us change direction completely. It might also be because of my rebel attitude.

Doing the tour the other way around also makes the ups and downs different and giving you a whole other rhythm.

Try to take the alternative thinking path from time to time it will also awaken your curiosity.

I would also like to add another topic to my thoughts this Friday.

The best question I got in a room on ClubHouse this week from Fredo De Smet “Suyin is there something that you are not curious about?” He for sure got me silent for a while, I cannot think about the last time I had  to think so long to be able to provide him with an answer. After a while I responded: “I am not curious whether there is life after dead. “

But actually I meant it is off course something I am also curious about, but I prefer not to spend time on that question, I prefer to be me, myself and I in this life. And I will see what happens next. Maybe I would live my life also buy taking the loop upside down or inside out: from the end to the start, who knows.

Perspectives, do not get them fool you.

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