Suyin Aerts
March 12, 2021

Winning mindset

I just finished watching the Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. I was watching while I was training indoor on my bike. I really love the series, beautiful setting, amazing photography, great acting and what a scenario. But most of all it is the theme that intrigues me a lot. Winning.

Where does it comes from that urge to win?

Is it something that is taught by our parents? Beth is an orphan, so I guess not in her case, although she lost her mother when she was about 8 if I remember well, so maybe the mindset was built before. Is it the battle to survive on your own as a woman, this might for women be a reason more often than we might think.

Although my environment might tell me from time to time that I do not need to win, it is maybe my brain and body that in a way always wants to go for the medal. Only participating with the goal to have that new experience seems not to be enough for me.

Maybe I think people will only love me when I win...

I am that kind of person always look for that thing I want to win when actively participating in anything whether it is in studies, in sports, as an entrepreneur, as an interviewer, as a mother….

Back to the final episode of the Queen’s Gambit, I wonder what I would have done when he said:  “I withdraw”, but I am quite sure I would wanted to go for that real win exactly as Beth did. And do not get me wrong I do not even know how to play chess.

But before you can win, you need to be able to lose. Getting up when you fall, getting on track when you got lost somewhere in the woods, is great, both literally as figuratively.

Maybe it is a way to get motivated even more, that goal I want to reach, which does not always mean getting the one and only gold medal, goals might be very personal, and only you know whether you really won.

It is by winning silver you realize there are 2 next steps: quit or go for gold next time.

Again, a winner’s mindset is maybe not built in a day. But sometimes it is in your DNA and when you find that out it might be better to accept it than fight against it. It is about realizing you are good, and you want to become great.

Oh and in case you have the chance to watch the making of the series, watch it, it gets even better :-)

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