Suyin Aerts
March 26, 2021

A Role Model

I was in a talk about the law of attraction this week hosted by 2 fantastic Dutch ladies where I shared my idea on role models.

I talked about the same topic during my interview with Murielle Marie yesterday, so I thought let's make it today's blog.

I think a role model should be picked carefully and may never leave you stand still and make you insecure about yourself.

For me a role model is someone that inspires me. But I think as humans we are also attracted to successful people and we should be careful not to fall in love with their success and thinking that if we only imagine to become as successful as them the law of attraction will work that easy. Or at least that is my opinion.

It is necessary to accept that we all have dreams and that it is more than ok. Please stay ambitious, but make them sufficiently realistic those goals you would like to reach. Start with running a 20k before heading for a marathon.

I read an interesting article saying that our brains are wired to connect and mirror the behavior of others. Role models provide a vision, and visual proof, for who we aspire to be. When you see desirable values, traits, language, and behavior in others, your brain instinctively wants to copy it.

I do agree on this but we also have to be aware that sometimes in a not sexual or passionate way we might get attracted to people, that doesn’t mean they should become your role model. Let them only become your role model if the distance between the 2 of you is not to big. Otherwise stay a fan of that person, that might make you happier.

For me I can say that I always was a huge fan of Madonna, I am a fan of Michelle Obama. But Oprah Winfrey, Robin Wright, …. are role models for me, amongst many other male and female, young and old beautiful people because the one "single perfect" role model does not exist. People are never perfect, perfection is a myth and boring on top of that.

Do not forget that every successful person on the planet, whether in business, sales, media, parenthood or in sport, once started being good at what she or he was doing and is now GREAT at it. But I would say focus on your strengths first, instead of working day and night on your weakest points.

The question becomes, are you consciously and strategically choosing models that level up your life and contribute to your growth?

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