Suyin Aerts
April 2, 2021

The Voice of silence

During our ClubHouse room this Friday afternoon Dominique gave me a challenge (taking the tittle of our room “Challenging Thoughts “ very serious :-)

Connecting with someone through our voice?”  (and she shared some more good ideas to write a blog about and options to link many ideas we talked about, but I will keep it today by this one)

Connecting with our voice and without an image and what is the difference when you only follow someone sharing ideas on paper….

Personally I fell in love with being in front of the camera many years ago. To be honest it was during the selection of Miss Belgium. I am lucky to have a face that “works” on camera or at least that is what I have been told at a very young age already.

But thinking about what I just wrote it was even earlier, when we had a team of young ambitious students from the film school that where following us when I was a dance student in Leuven. I would love to see that video again by the way.

Getting to know the differences between making a series, making a movie, being filmed on stage, making a live program, doing interviews, moderating, presenting alone in front of a camera, ...actually made my love become bigger and bigger..

The lighting, the angle, the script, the stress, the red light, the lines, your guest, the actors you work with... but also the quality of the sound makes the difference from good to great.

Then came the moment I believed in my own thoughts and I dared sharing them black on white, I started blog... about 3 years ago I think (I should check the date of my first article)…still hesitating and dreaming of maybe writing a book one day.

I selected writing on purpose because I wanted people not to be distracted by my face, the way I look.

I wanted to give myself a hard time I wanted people to read my thoughts…..( those ex dancers are crazy people trust me on that, they love to live the hard life).

It is only very recently, after I started writing, that I “hear” that people say they like my voice...that was strange…I never thought about my voice being part of the picture.

Not “what” a say but the sound I produce...strange.

Never thought of doing musical (combining dancing and singing) because I honestly thought I couldn’t sing. But since I started singing to “work” with my voice as a presenter I heard from the teachers I was not a bad singer at all. A whole new career might be in front of me 😃

Strange how sometimes we bias ourselves, I really thought for many years I couldn’t write or sing for example.

I am more than ever aware that the way you look, the sound of your voice have nothing to do with “what” you say. But when the camera loves your face and the microphone likes your voice it might be easier to get a message across, look at some leaders of the world….

When you are aware of that and accept you can work on anything no matter how you look, no matter how your voice is from the start. With a lot of work you get better in anything, for a voice think about what intonation, rhythm, silence...might mean to get your message across.

And yes only listening to people (like on the radio, on the phone and now on ClubHouse) not being distracted by the “looks” gives a new perspective….I like it…is it giving us more freedom of speech maybe?

Although I love it... I think I prefer to do TV rather than Radio. But I should not say that as I never did radio in my life... but never say never.

But let’s all accept that we are biased, all of us...even biased on ourselves.

So let’s dare to listen more, let’s dare to listen what is said in the silence and let’s also look and read differently and let’s never accept the status quo.

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