Suyin Aerts
April 30, 2021

Viva la vida

Music can sometimes remind me of special moments and people. Viva la Vida of Coldplay is such a song. A beautiful song, I liked it when I first heard it, in 2008. The year we got our second daughter, a beautiful new life came into this world.

But before that happened we also lost a beautiful person. A dear friend decided to step out of this life.

Why did I not noticed anything? When and where did it happen, the crack that made him think he was not ruling the world anymore. Why did this one drop fell in his a soul that made the bucket overflow.

I will always remember the phone call around noun, Vincent calling me, I thought it was to invite us again to another great party. So I picked up the phone with that super happy trooper voice. But Vincent asked me where I was, to make sure I was ready for the bomb, I guess. He brought me the very sad news. And still now, more than 10 years later every time Vincent calls, I have a chill running over my spine and my heart always loses track of the beat for just a moment.

My ‘Moatje's’ funeral was in a church packed with people. He was young, amazing, intelligent, funny, smart, caring, inspiring and many more superlatives I can find to describe him. He was loved by so many people and he also got into my heart and he got in very fast as we only met some years before he decided to leave us. And I do not let people in that easily….

I took a bitter, however sweet memory with me from that day and a CD with his favorite songs.

VIVA LA VIDA is one of them, if I am talking with you on a party and they play this song I might most certainly run to the dancefloor because in moments like this dancing is one of the best ways for me to express my feelings for a reason I cannot explain.

So please VIVE tu VIDA and enjoy every little nanosecond of it.

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