Suyin Aerts
May 21, 2021


Sometimes I think about the power of visualization. Until now I have the feeling that I was able to make decisions whenever an opportunity was coming on my path. Some of those decisions where good decisions and I felt it from the start, I was not hesitating to say yes and those projects turned out to be great times in my life and career. Some decisions where only made after thinking it over very carefully, weighing all the pro’s and the contra’s and sometimes a decisions turned out to be a greater path than I could have imagined and for sure I never visualized that outcome.

Sometimes I did say yes on opportunities, although it did not feel good from the start and at the end of the project I had to be honest with myself and admit that when my gut feeling says no, very often it turned out to be a loss of time. Luckily I have the mindset that in those cases I did not win but at least I learned.

Now I am in phase of my life that I wonder whether visualization would really work. try to imagine and visualize what I want to be doing next in my career. I wonder if I need to make it very specific as they say in some books.

Mostly I think about the real “why” I want to reach that goal I imagine.

I am convinced that if someone visualizes a lot of money it is important to know if you want that because you want to be driving an expensive car and do great holidays or is it because you want to give your children the opportunity to study?

Recently I met a fantastic person that told me about his idea about scoring goals. He said that we need to think of our goals in live as the goal of a hockey game, whether the ball gets on the right side corner or the top left side doesn’t matter. As long as it is in the goal you scored a point.

He thinks we should not be to specific in every detail as if it was the center of a Darts Game, as the changes you hit that little red spot in the middle might be very small and might leave you disappointed even though you realized something amazing that makes you happy.

For now I conclude that when I visualize my next steps I will be specific about the why but a not too detailed in the how.

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