Suyin Aerts
May 28, 2021

People we meet

I was reading an interesting article about emotionally dangerous people. People with a toxic behavior towards others. I think we all meet them in our lives unfortunately, but the danger is when you do not notice. Or sometimes you do notice and you try to talk with them openly about the way they deal with things or say things, but those people will never admit their mistakes.

We should be aware that we are never able to change a person, the only way people will change is when they realize themselves that what they do is wrong and therefore they need to recognize their behavior themselves and try to change it.

It should never be other people that take control of your life, not a boss, not a partner not a friend. People should understand that we are all different and we all decide what our boundaries are and we should at any time respect other people’s boundaries that might be very different than ours.

Actually I think we need those boundaries to feel emotionally safe and stable.

If I have the feeling that relations are complicated, complex and full of conflict, I prefer not to socialize with these people. I must say since I decided this and I pay attention on certain red flags, I do not have people like this take an impact on my decision any longer. No more mind games that leave me confused or unable to identify where I stand. I am aware that sometimes we cannot cut all ties with people that are relatives, but you can reduce the amount of time you spend with them.

It is much more fun to spend time with people that give you extra energy, that pay attention to your feelings and people that realize that we only have 1 health and mental health is a big part of this.

We should protect our health at any cost and under no circumstances let toxic people ruin it.

I prefer to live my life according to my standards and I prefer to be there for people that appreciate me being around. Because feeling repeatedly unappreciated by someone you care about can mess with your head and take a significant toll on your mental health.

And this weekend I will for sure enjoy nice people around me on a sunny terrace. So let the weekend start as after a busy week I am very ready for it.

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