Suyin Aerts
June 11, 2021

When the train leaves

I remember the feeling I had when I took the train in Geneva to go to Lausanne. I was very young and on my way to audition for Béjart Ballet Lausanne. Doing this was a dream come true. Proud of myself I had the guts: I was really going to meet this great choreographer and the dancers I saw on stage so many times.

To get prepared I imagined how it would be there, how it would look like, how those amazing dancers would walk and how they would drink coffee, I even had an idea of the smell in the dressing room in my head.

But once in the train there was that split of a second before the train really left that I realized things would most probably be completely different then the way I imagined them to be.  I started doubting whether I would be able to live up on my own expectations.

I can still feel that moment, when you know you can still get off the train before it start moving. But you have to decide very quickly because when you want to get off you need to do it fast.

The moment you realize this trip is going to be a different trip than any trip you ever did, because you know you do not go back to a place in your memory, you are on your way to make memories.

The whistle blows and the train slowly start to move, and your heart makes this bump, beats harder, your hands are sweaty and you realize, this is the moment I was dreaming about. I feel like moving towards a place I am so curious about to find how it really is, that it is ok to give up on this dream. I just took the risk to make this dream becoming a reality.

Well today I have this exact same feeling, I bought a ticket for this train a while ago, but it has just left the station towards a new destination. Which means for sure, no doubt about it that I am doing something I dreamt about. Today the time has come to stop dreaming and talking about it. Let’s make this dream come true and be brave enough to dream about something new. I am convinced that this dream will become a memory of yet another beautiful journey.

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