Suyin Aerts
July 2, 2021

The ball

In about an hour our Belgian Red Devils start their game. I start to like this hectic pressure that you feel raising in our tiny country for a sport I was not following before. And then I wonder does luck play a role in success, whether it is in sports or in business. Sometimes the ball bounces your way and sometimes it doesn’t. You can follow the exact same strategy as someone else and get a different result. But I am convinced that we can create more predictable routes to success by increasing our odds. You increase your odds by stretching your time horizon because time and effort will reduce the role luck plays in your life.

Do you want to grant the fact that maybe your life might be harder because of characteristics we cannot control? I tent to believe we can achieve the things we want regardless of our category, our skin color, gender, sexual orientation, physical attractiveness and societal standards.

So let’s not have that fatalistic attitude. Well at least I am not going to wait for a perfectly equal society. I am going to do what I can right now, regardless of the way society treats me.

However I do not think we can simply put our minds into becoming a billionaire. But, there is a wide range of possibilities we can put our mind to and pull off given enough time.

And I wonder what our devils think of the advice of their coach, do they also think that advice isn’t bad because it’s hard to follow.

As very often advice is so good because it’s hard to follow. Being coachable is more important than having that bad attitude of the player that was born with that extra percentage of talent, maybe, but talent is just a starting point. Perseverance will only make you win a game. And every game need to played.

Good luck Red Devils, may the ball bounce the best way

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