Suyin Aerts
July 9, 2021

Shifting up a gear

For the past 4 months I have been training quite intensively, however I think I will shift up a gear. At the moment being on holidays we have been doing some heavy technical tracks with a fantastic guide.

As everything I start, I want to be proud of what I did. I think I will remember the preparation as something life changing.

Besides the training I am going to also work on my life style in the coming months. Eat better, sleep more, drink less alcohol, take some rest and who knows I should try meditation in one way or another.

My coaches already told me about meditation and many books are written about the good things it does to your brain.

I have never been satisfied with only doing one thing in life, I am always looking for ways to break out of complacency. I honnestly believe that the more you learn the sharper your brain will become. I think this will push us to learn more things. At least this the positive, upward wave that I want to ride.

So besides training harder to become stronger, faster & better I will also try the art of boredom, not filling my agenda every single minute. I will try to embrace the stillness. Some say boredom is real relaxation. It helps your brain reset and come out stronger on the other side.

During my second ride in the Vosges this week I had this attack of fear, being distracted made my focus shift towards a fear to fall.

I am taking medicine that makes the consequences of a potential fall more dangereous and this is something that is indeed in my mind when I am facing very difficult downhill situations. It's a funny feeling as I was born as a rascal, so this fear, which is actually my love for life, is someting I 'teached' my brain.

My monitor Wednesday was very clear : stop asking yourself to many questions, trust your bike and your technique. Today that is exactly what I did, and yes this 'mediation of Thursday did work. So let's say that medidation can come in many forms. I will probaly find a way to embrace it in my life.

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