Suyin Aerts
July 16, 2021

A new project

This morning the first thing that I thought about was the new project ahead. Very exited and also a bit worried in how we will be coping with the time we have, or at least the time we give ourselves to make this to a success. Project management will be key, but I am sure that we are a great team. It is always great to start a new project with a new partner in crime and I am convinced we are a strong duo and we will come out of this adventure stronger. We believe it is possible to co-create and we are convinced that the way to reach our goal will not only be more interesting but also more fun with a team of creatives around us. Yesterday we already found the first key person that will make our deliverables even stronger.

Another thing I thought about this morning was all the harm done by nature in the south of Belgium these last days. All those people will have to clean their houses and for some rebuild a house. New projects are sometimes not something that you can choose, sometimes they are forced on you and that is a total other way to start a project. A moment we need to reach a hand for help to those in need.

And last but not least I had this other personal sad thought this morning for a very good friend I have since we were about the age of my daughters now, 14. She lost her baby last year on July 16. It is very difficult to understand how this loss of a life that you carried for many months feels if you did not experienced it yourself. But we do not need to understand other people’s feelings to be there for them.

Dear friend of mine I know this was the hardest decision you had to make last year and I am proud of you and how you were able to cope with this situation and how you keep trying to find a way to give a place to the grief. I wish I could do something besides being there for you whenever you need me.

I am sure that the smiling faces of your other kids coming back home today after their camps will make you happy. And that rollercoaster of emotions is going to be very intense. I am happy to know that you are strong and I am proud of how you are able to remember this difficult anniversary as a family.

This thoughts made me a bit tired during my sports session today, but it is not a reason to give up and rest. I now that a full head of feelings has an impact on your physical condition, one of the things you need to work on as a top sporter, to be able to perform no matter what.

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