Suyin Aerts
September 17, 2021

Not an easy decision

For months I was training for that challenge, a tough one, but when you want something and you are disciplined things work out is what I learned as a dancer.

My endurance got better, technically I was also starting to be able to do things that were not that easy. I started to believe I could really do it : participate in this amazing journey that Roc du Maroc promised to be. After a great holiday in the Vosges were we did some great and technical stuff, we were looking forward to the weeks that would follow, where training would become even more intensive.

But the first weekend after we came back I had this terrible fall. Broke my hand. I was convinced this would make things more difficult as they first talked about 4 weeks of immobility. They said ‘at least’, but I skipped that part of the sentence. I jumped on my Technogym skill bike because my bruised and scratched legs were healed after about 1 week, to keep up a certain rhythm.

“At least”, it is true the doctors did mention that, but I tend not to hear what I do not like to hear…After 8 weeks I was allowed to take the brace of, 36 days before the start of the race….

I still thought and believed it was possible,…

We are now 2 weeks further, I am doing great, my hand gets stronger, I could even hold the wheel of the amazing Porsches I was able to drive last week. I can hold a microphone again, I can even do grocery shopping and cooking again. I can almost hold my dog with my left hand, I can hold the handlebars of my indoor bike. But I did not and cannot yet bike outdoor…did not even try on a smooth underground. Physiotherapist tells me to wait…

So that’s were I am, I decided yesterday I can only accept this difficult decision I have to make: to cancel my participation. Roc du Maroc 2021 will not be my unforgettable first extreme Mountainbike Marathon that literally rocks during 6 days and 666km.

I do feel sad and angry, but I am so honored that so many people supported me on this months of preparation. I want to thank Tom for the amazing service of my Niner Bike, Simon my personal trainer, Iwan my physio, Joran of Bakala Academy who made my biking program, Elisabeth from RDM, Noa and Jade, my daughters that accepted seeing me so many hours outdoor and indoor on my bike, Kristin, my hematologist who actually is not that happy I want to participate but as she knows me since more than 20 years she felt that a no would break my heart, so she gave me a yes: if I promised to be careful, my parents that also think that with my medicine and protein S deficiency it is maybe a crazy idea,  but most of all thanks Dan to give me this crazy challenge of a ‘honeymoon’s but different.

Thanks to all my friends and family, your thumbs up and messages have been fantastic.

I will continue training and I hope maybe 2022 I will start this unknown adventure and come back with beautiful memories.

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