Suyin Aerts
September 24, 2021

What do you eat first?

How do you make your agenda? Do you even make your own agenda or do you live in the rhythm that works for others but maybe not for you? What do you eat first? The thing you love the most or do you keep the best for last, with the risk that your eyes were bigger than your stomach?

Sometimes we make things more complicated than they should be. Not all things are that hard or that confusing, by leaving those tasks at the end you give them a higher importance than they should have. Maybe it is just because you do not like that task you think it is hard. If it really makes you unhappy, delegate, at least I try do since some years. And yes I do have a great team around me, so I am lucky with that. What also works for me is to think what the most important work is that needs to be done, instead of jumping on the work that needs to be done...

We fall to often in the trap of doing those tasks that take us a long time and cost us a lot of our energy.

I always think that it not only about the quantity of the work that we have done, but more the value of our work. Did the work make you progress to your goals, your personal goals, the things you really would like to achieve? It doesn’t matter how hard you work if you work on the wrong things.

If you feel busy, busy, busy...something is not ok, or at least that is my opinion. We are hustling and working hard, so the fact that we don’t achieve our big goals can’t be due to our own failure, right?

As long as we can stay busy, we don’t feel the need to question ourselves. What do you really need to do to achieve your goal? Maybe we should first start to eliminate instead of adding. And maybe it is the order to start your day with that you need to rethink, do you dare to change and tell others you are changing the way of working?

Maybe it is not such a bad idea to taste everything on your plate, at least you will not have a full belly for that best part and enjoy it even more. Maybe the same goes with tasks, start with the best or with what gives you the highest reward on the way to your big goal.

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