Suyin Aerts
October 1, 2021

Wanted: Energy boost!

Help! I really went to bed far too late yesterday night. Always tricky to dive into mails after a presentation job that finishes late. But after a walk with the dog this morning and a training with that merciless personal coach of mine I think I am going to make sure I get some things done as I wanted today. So it is about not losing too much energy. Let me share some of my habits that are very helpful to boost my energy.

First of all knowing my agenda for the next day before I go to sleep is really useful, this doesn’t mean that everything is sealed and sure in what I plan to do but at least I know what the day will bring and I set some intentions before I dive into the (sometimes too short) night.

A second thing is that I try not to spend time with the wrong people, that doesn’t mean I exclude friends who are going through temporarily rough times, but I do consider who I spend my time with. When there are people who consistently create one-sided emotional exchanges as the basis for their relationships, that are not my kind of people.

I once read a quote that says: “Show me your friends and I will decide your future.”, interesting thought.

The fact that I try to exercise almost every day is clearly an energy boost, even though on days like today I am happy my meeting with the coach was set because the first  feeling when the alarm clock went off was rather turning around in bed instead of getting up and do burpees.

And off course I can talk about more things, but that would take too munch of my energy today 😊

If you did not read “Why we sleep” from Matthew Walker, do it. Many take aways but probably the biggest one: The sleep you lost is for life…

Bad points for last night, but I did write some good things yesterday night. I am the kind of animal that gets more inspiration and imagination after midnight.

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