Suyin Aerts
October 8, 2021


I wrote a blog some time ago about the fact that Oprah Winfrey says that she was lucky to be part of the right minority when she first came on TV, if not she would have never got the job that brought her this amazing career. This week I talked to a white middle aged man that I appreciate a lot and that did great things in his sector, on a very high level in this huge company. He decided to leave the function he was in mainly because of some issues in the board. Very sudden, when no one expected him to leave and he was even a bit surprised himself he made the decision, knowing he had so many great plans he wanted to work on still in that company. Beside the fact that daring to go out there and take the opportunity to show the world that he can also be great in another sector, I was very touched about his feelings he shared with me. He said he really felt he was not part of that right minority. It made me think about that interview with Oprah.

It makes me think about the fact that something must be wrong with the way they see diversity in some companies. It is not about replacing some chess pawns on the board by other ones. And I do not say that all the pawns do not have the right to be on the board, for sure we should foresee equal chances for all people regardless their gender, age, color of their skin, religion, and we can think of many reasons that make us different in this world.

But it is sad to notice that sometimes people that were fighting for inclusion for years end up by being asked to leave their seats.

What makes me happy on the contrary is people like Oprah who will never forget were they came from and openly talk about those who helped them to get were they are. I wonder why some people find it so difficult to say thank you and stay grateful to those that helped them to get where they are. And yes I do think there is something as the law of attraction but let’s be fair: a little help from your friends can also make a huge difference. So let’s be gentle and grateful, and let’s never forget were we come from and let’s learn to say thank you to those that helped you in the process of becoming who you are today.

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