Suyin Aerts
October 15, 2021


Whether we are born as good communicators or not, it should be part of our education. I am also convinced that we need to constantly evaluate our communication skills. We can all learn to communicate better based upon the situations we are in. The most important thing is to listen more, value others and respond better.

We need to learn to listen more than we speak if we want to cultivate positive and productive relationships. The better I learned to express myself the more I needed to exercise to listen actively. It is not easy to put in practice, but whenever I feel like talking over someone or are rushing to get my thought out before I forget it, I think about what Epictetus once said: we have two ears and one mouth.

I have written it many times before in my blogs but valuing others is also about hearing what was not said, learning to read in between the lines. We need to realize that people are so divided, valuing other people is an important factor in building better relationships.

Understanding that people have different backgrounds is crucial in communication. Becoming this emotionally mature individual is really worth the effort. Isn’t it great we are all that different?

When you are emotional the way you communicate might become very direct, I am the perfect example for this as I can react with a lot of drama sometimes and it is hard work to first control my emotion before I react.

We communicate more clearly and with a rational mindset once we calm down our first emotions. When we do this it means we will be conversating with greater respect for other people’s feelings.

So let’s try to not act out of fear but instead respond rationally and let’s also learn to talk about emotions…because that seems equally important to calm down the emotions but dare to talk about them also.

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