Suyin Aerts
October 22, 2021

Reading the game

When I watch a hockey game of my girls I am always impressed how you can see the difference between players. The way they are athletically looking and running on the field, the technical skills are very different from one player to the other. The eager to win, the team spirit, the communication on the pitch, the capability of finishing the chances they create. But something less visual is if they understand the game tactic and more importantly are they able to read the game. Are they flexible enough to change to another strategy based upon the game of the other team?

Makes me think of reading the business game of entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur you need to know many things: finance, marketing, sales, HR, Innovation, communication, digital skills, project management, strategy,…. But something that I think is crucial is knowing how to read the business game, depending from one situation to another.

In every situation there are certain rules, some do understand the rules, others do not or do not follow the rules. How you react is also depending on culture, education, age, experience,… Being an entrepreneur is being in different situations, as if they were sequences of a movie. You are confronted with your bank, your investors, your team, your customers, your partners.

A good actor knows his script but a very good one can play without a script. It was already very useful for me to have my past as an actress in my business life.

It is about being prepared but also knowing that every game needs to be played, no matter your ranking on the world.

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