Suyin Aerts
November 5, 2021

A great panel

Last week I was lucky to be the moderator of a great event :Young Talent in Action. With 7 young people between 19 and 26 we reflected on 4 themes together with 8 experts. The input for the discussion were the results of the study "Bridging the future” that was looking on the matches and mismatches between what companies and managers thought was on top of the young people’s lists and what the youngsters themselves were thinking. The survey interrogates 100 managers and 800 young people and analyzes the expectations of young people and employers in the labor market. We discussed 4 selected hot topics : job market, durability, organization & flexibility in work environment and mobility.

It was obvious that young people expect their educational path to prepare them for their first steps on the labor market. We are talking about knowledge and skills, but also about understanding what is going on in the labor market. What exactly does the digital revolution mean? CSR and sustainability are at the top of the agenda, but what impact will that have on the future of work, jobs and therefore their careers. They also crave experience in entrepreneurship: the desire to set up their own project is prominent among more than 1 in 2 young people.

I was honestly impressed how well the young people were able to express themselves. How they were able to build upon each other’s thoughts and those of the experts that joined us per topic.

I also realize how great it is when you are in a country like Belgium with French and Dutch speaking individuals around the table. They all understood each and many also spoke the both languages very well. We should realize more what a great value that is for the development of our children, for their network and for their future.

Thanks Nina, Emile, Arnaud, Fien, Rik, Kevin and Wolf, it was so energizing to be able to be with you and the great experts in this beautiful setting of Bozar in Brussels and listen to your strong opinions.

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